Jeffrey L. Barth- A Dedicated Family Law Attorney
in Kirkland Working to Save You Time and Money

Jeffrey L. Barth- Seasoned, Tough, and Effective

If you're considering a divorce, then you likely know that it is one of the most challenging and emotionally difficult times in a person’s life. You likely have concerns and questions about more than simply the divorce process. You may be concerned about how much money representation by a Kirkland lawyer will cost, how your assets will be divided, and if you will have to go to court.

Jeffrey L. Barth is a Kirkland divorce lawyer that offers a no-nonsense, direct approach to the divorce process. Most people facing a divorce want honest assessments, practical advice, and dedication to effective and efficient results. Since 1979, Jeffrey L. Barth’s approach has made it possible for many people to deal with their divorce head-on, with legal representation that is fair and reasonable. Serving Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Snohomish County, and the East Side